Microwave-sustained Inductively Coupled Atmospheric-pressure Plasma for Mass Spectrometry


High power Plasma Source for new and existing mass spectroscopic instruments

The RADOM Microwave-sustained inductively coupled atmospheric-pressure plasma source (MICAP), combined with Radom’s 2kW switched-mode-power-supply and electronic controller provides a research tool to explore atomic spectrocopic analysis for a variety of applications including semiconductors, pharmaceutical, environmental, nano-particles, and life sciences.

The radom MICAP

Ideal for laboratories looking to explore mass spectroscopic applications utilizing Time of Flight applications, Distance of Flight applications, Laser Ablation coupled studies or even clasical Quadropole studies. Due to the flexibility and modular nature of the design, it may be adapted to multiple interfaces and instrument generations and tuned to ingite with multiple quartz torch designs while efficiently transfering power to the plasma. 

We collaborate with our customers to determine the optimum configuration and provide consultation, verification and custom installations for customer specific applcations on site.


  • Modular Design adaptable to fit multiple OEM sampler interfaces
  • Air cooled, highly stable plasma operating on a reliable commercial grade microwave power sources
  • Argon free operation, able to conduct spectroscopic analysis on variety of nitrogen gas mixtures
  • Customizable to fit a large array of quartz torches
  • Auto ignition
  • Variable power settings between 1.0kW – 1.5kW.
  • Variable Coolant, Auxilary, Injector gas flow settings

Plasma Source Specifications

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 7.36.47 PM.png

Plasma Source Drawings

Left View.jpg

Left view

Right View.jpg

Right view

Front View.jpg

Front view

Ordering Information

Assembly Number: 105100

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