High Power

Radom Corporation's revolutionary Cerawave™ technology delivers the world's first 100kW high-power plasma torch. This scalable, electrode-free design offers exceptional efficiency and opens doors for large-scale industrial and environmental applications.

10kW - 100kW High-Power Torch

Through our revolutionary, patented Cerawave technology, Radom has set a record in its class for the power delivered to the plasma torch to a remarkable 100kW level. The scalability of our torch, which ranges from 10kW-100kW, eliminates the need for water circuits, chillers, radiators, or cooling towers.

The plasma torch is suspended in a vortex of flowing gas and the energy is transferred to the plasma by an inductive coupling without the use of electrodes. No need for electrodes that wear out due to direct contact with the plasma means fewer replacement parts, lower operating expenses, and increased process uptime.

Electrode-free operation also removes the risk of contamination by electrode materials and allows for an exceptionally chemically pure plasma. When combined with the large diameter of the plasma tube (20mm for 10kW torch, 40mm for 100kW torch) and the ability to achieve long residence times, our torch is an ideal choice in a wide range of chemical and material processing applications.

Our 100kW power level opens new possibilities large scale industrial and environmental applications, as the plasma power translates directly into increased material throughputs and overall system efficiency. Custom attachments, such as nozzles, tuyeres, and heat exchangers, can be readily incorporated to meet the requirements of a specific process.

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